Story on my experience about online education

The present era in which we are living in today’s world; somehow or the other, have made information and technology a very integral part of our life. Nobody can deny whether being involved in any field that they can survive or can remain untouched with Net facilitated mediums.

From past few years there were various platforms which were promoting online education but it was popular among certain specific students who were dealing with either higher education or competitive examinations.      

Covid-19 pandemic which brought the whole world into a stand still has hit the schools and various educational institutions in the worst way.

Experience about online education has been quite interesting, firstly it has made the learning easy and assessable at any given time, whenever one is free and wants to learn or know about any topic can always do so without looking for any specific specialist. It has made learning and teaching into 24/7 mode.

It has harnessed the infinite inquisitiveness of a human brain by providing answers to them at any given point especially for children who would have been left in an idle state if online education model would have not been available.

Online education has at least provided a system for the schools to make the children learn and teach them the required educational curriculum which would have got left during the closure of schools for such a long period.

As per my experience online education is surely a novel mode of providing education but it has certain draw backs, it lacks the liveliness of a class room, it requires handful of gadgets which should function to their optimum level and data streaming should be flawless; because at certain times if any of these do not function properly the online education can get hindered.

The simplicity of online education is that, when you attend a class it provides you all related lectures, assignments, work sheets; various demo videos to understand a particular topic. The good thing about the online education is that there is no dearth of knowledge which is provided to explain a certain topic but sometimes I feel that it makes or creates confusion about what to absorb and what to leave?  

Online education has one great benefit that it provides the flexibility of learning as per availability of time, so even mother and father can teach their children as per their feasible time. Somewhere if they also get confused or feel that on a certain topic some fundamentals needs to be rechecked, it can be easily done through this particular mode.

There are few draw backs of online education like it seems to be very monotonous and sometimes maintaining concentration idly sitting in front of a screen for a long time is distracting. Health wise also it can create certain complications to eye sight, posture and it lacks spontaneous & healthy question and answer queries which is a very essential part of teacher and student classroom education.

Last but not the least online education experience tells me that it can be one of the mediums of teaching but overall it cannot replace the liveliness of one to one teaching of classroom because we are human beings and teacher and student body language and eye contact plays a very vital role in imparting quality and constructive education.

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